Wild Storm Volume 2 por Warren Ellis

Wild Storm Volume 2 por Warren Ellis

September 23, 2019

Titulo del libro : Wild Storm Volume 2
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 29, 2018
Autor : Warren Ellis
Número de páginas : 160
ISBN : 1401278655
Editor : DC Comics

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Warren Ellis con Wild Storm Volume 2

Jackie King, chief analyst at IO, tries to make sense of all the pieces scattered across the board since Angela Spica saved Jacob Marlowe's life. Angela Spica wakes up at Jacob Marlowe's safe house and starts to realize how far from real life she's been thrown since then. But life is not slowing down, and Marlowe's wild covert action team has to extract the last member of their number from an IO black site. Collects THE WILD STORM #7-12.